Nothing Can Stop Two People in Love

We’re wrapping up 2020 with gratitude. Despite an incredibly challenging year, we still witnessed a whole lot of love and joy! So many of our couples still got married (safely). Their desire to start a life together triumphed over every obstacle that 2020 threw in their way, proving that nothing can stop two people in love.

Times are still challenging, and couples getting married next year may face many of the same uncertainties regarding guest count, venue restrictions, COVID-19 safety plans, etc. Therefore, our 2020 brides would like to share their micro wedding experiences in hopes of helping future brides see the silver lining to embracing a smaller celebration. Our 2020 brides understand that many future brides may feel that they’re missing out by not having that big, fat Indian wedding of 700-1200 guests (they were too at first), but there is so much to love about micro weddings!

Ami + Ric

What Did You Love Most About Your Micro Wedding?

I loved how intimate it was –surrounded by those most near and dear to our hearts. Many of my immediate family members were unable to travel from the UK and some of our local family members didn’t feel comfortable coming to functions during the pandemic, which resulted in a more intimate gathering. My initial plan was to have all events celebrated in my garden, and luckily that was still possible - just the scale of the events and the type of food had to be adjusted. It turned out great! I was able to successfully implement social distancing measures and find new catering options that were COVID safe (pre-packaged, non-buffet food). I was able to support more local business that would not typically be chosen to cater an Indian function due to guest count.

We utilized technology in creative ways - I was given a virtual Jagoo from the UK! It was the most amazing experience and something I know isn’t common. Over 30 family members got together and surprised me with a Jagoo party via FaceTime. I felt so connected even though they were on the other side of the world. This inspired me to consider innovative, inclusive ways to utilize technology such as Facetime and Whatsapp Video to have family join who couldn’t physically be at each event.

Beyond technology, we found other fun ways to incorporate family members’ presence. For my Choora ceremony, my uncles were in the UK, so my sister and brother-in-law dressed up like them and had cardboard cut-outs of their faces. To honour my maternal family at the Choora ceremony, I wore my mom’s original wedding dress. No matter the distance, there are ways to feel close to family.

What I loved the most was that I was able to savour every bit of my wedding day without stress. I was able to have an intimate and very relaxed backyard reception at my parents’ house after the ceremony. It was the highlight of the whole day. It was some of the best fun I have ever had. What girl is able to skip a formal Dholi and go back to party at her parents’ house with her mom, dad and friends? Not many - and it was pretty awesome!

What Advice Do You Have for Brides Planning a Micro Wedding in 2021?

Just go with it! Do not delay starting your lives together. You can still have your dream outfits, decor, photographers, videographers, and makeup artists that you want - none of that has to change. Having a micro wedding is such an intimate and blissful affair. You can have meaningful moments with those people in attendance. You get to enjoy the real meaning behind the wedding ceremony. A micro wedding is all about you and your husband-to-be and none of the stress of putting on a giant show for hundreds and hundreds of people.

At first I wanted to postpone my wedding, because I wanted to celebrate with all of my family and friends, including those in the UK and other areas abroad. My dad encouraged me to move forward with the wedding as planned, but on the smaller scale. He was wise in saying that we don’t know what next week, month, or even year has in store. He helped with the majority of the planning details, down to picking out my morning outfit with me. Despite all the COVID-19 restrictions, he did everything he could to make my dream wedding come true. He felt bad that I couldn’t my wedding in “a normal” way. Ultimately, the fact that he was trying to make everything happen despite the circumstances was all that mattered to me. My dad unexpectedly passed away two months after my wedding. I cannot be more thankful that my dad encouraged me to carry on with things as planned. If I had postponed and focused on the materialistic side of things, my dad would not have been able to be at my wedding. My entire family is beyond grateful that we moved forward with the wedding as planned.

At first I was hesitant about having a micro wedding, but now I am so very grateful. I experienced moments and created memories with my dad that I wouldn’t have been able to if I had waited on having a big, fat Indian wedding. I have photos of him and I together that are priceless. I had an intimate backyard wedding reception that he oversaw and made happen. What matters most is having your core family there, that’s it.

I can now understand why people opt for micro weddings. The intimacy you get with your core family and partner is something that can’t be described. You can have your cake and eat it too (literally)! You can still have the designer lehenga, a flashy ride to the ceremony and the best vendors with a micro wedding, along with the added opportunity to have meaningful interactions with each guest. When you look back, you’ll cherish the quality time you got to spend with your loved ones on your special day. Those who can’t physically be there, can easily be a part of your celebration through a live-stream. You may think that people will be offended, but in reality, I experienced that majority were quite understanding of our desire to have a smaller celebration. You can still have all the traditional elements with a micro wedding but on a smaller scale. However, if you want to nix some of the traditions, nix them. Customize however you see fit - the only thing that matters is that you enjoy your day and you get to carry on having your ceremony with your loved ones. 

Amrita + Rick

What Did You Love Most About Your Micro Wedding?

Having a micro wedding allowed us to have the wedding of our dreams but in a more meaningful and intimate way. In a short time frame, we were able to plan a destination wedding in the Okanagan hosted at 50th Parallel Estate vineyard. Having a smaller guest list allowed us the flexibility of choosing the location of our choice - making it a truly unforgettable wedding experience! A smaller guest list also allowed us to make the day unique, memorable, and reflective of our own personal style. We were able to spend on the things that really matter to us, such as the venue, my dream Galia Lahav wedding dress, talented vendors, and floral/décor details. By surrounding ourselves with our loved ones who know us best, we felt relaxed and were able to enjoy our special day. We felt that we were able to have quality time with each guest and create unforgettable memories. There’s something magical about being able to look at every face sharing your wedding day with you and know it belongs to someone who’s a big part of your life. Our dream came true and we were able to get married at a beautiful vineyard in a place we hold close to our hearts.

What Advice Do You Have for Brides Planning a Micro Wedding in 2021?

Just go for it! Having a micro wedding gives you the flexibility to have the wedding of your dreams. The smaller guest list means you can host in more personal locations that are special for you as a couple. It also gives you a beautiful opportunity to focus only on the things that best represent your relationship. Because there is a smaller guest list, you can afford to go all out on the things that are important to you (creative venue, beautiful décor, talented vendors, etc) and treat your guests to something special. It also means you get to spend quality time with your loved ones. I highly recommend choosing to host a micro wedding, where you have the opportunity to personalize every detail to make your wedding a truly unique experience!

Binay + Robby

What did you love most about your micro wedding?


When Robby and I look back at our wedding we remember a feeling of being free. I think that’s the most important and most common thing we hear from anyone who encountered the same situation as us this year. Feeling stress-free and financially free, our family members were relaxed, and we were all able to be ourselves, while being surrounded by people who really love us and genuinely want the best for us. Not a lot of people can say that about their wedding day.

When I think back to our wedding, I remember us having our first dance with our closest family and friends watching, and being able to see each and every one of them and feel their emotions and their love... Having an intimate outdoor reception with beautiful candle light, fresh flowers, dancing the night away under the stars – it really was the wedding of our dreams - we just didn’t know it at the time! I can say with complete confidence we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

What advice do you have for brides planning a micro wedding in 2021?

1.      Take the money you saved, and spend it on something you couldn’t afford with 500 guests. 

Do something unique with your wedding you can only pull off with a micro wedding. We changed our entire wedding reception from a banquet hall to outdoors – we ditched the tent and splurged on romantic, beautiful décor with candlelight and fresh flowers. We added unique touches like a seated dinner, place cards, personalized party favours. Vendors were extremely understanding and flexible - everyone is going through the same thing as you in different ways: you're not alone.  

2.      It’s easier to plan a small wedding and increase numbers later than the other way around. 

We were determined to get married on the date we planned and start our married life. When we first heard of the restrictions, Robby and I literally planned 3 weddings: a court wedding with just the two of us, a wedding with our immediate households, and a wedding with 40 guests if we were allowed to do that at the time. This helped us get to our big day, to remember this is about us and it’s going to happen whether its 2, 10 or 50 people.  

3.      Don’t put the things you’ve been looking forward to aside, continue on with them as planned. 

When we had to switch gears and start planning a new wedding, the worst thing I did was think that all of the things I’ve been dreaming of were not worth it anymore… this was wrong of me and I’m so glad I stuck with everything I had originally booked (even if it took time convincing myself). I’ve been dreaming of getting my makeup done, my pictures taken, and wearing my outfits for so long – so why would I change that when having a smaller wedding! Stick with it and embrace the day even if it’s only you and your fiancé! 

4.      Take advantage of the extra time you save on photography/videography hours. 

Go somewhere unique for your pre-wedding pictures or post-wedding pictures. Book an extra shoot or go somewhere a little further. You’re going to have extra hours, use them wisely and trust the professionals to guide you in the right direction! 

5.      Take a pre-wedding staycation. Explore your backyard. 

With all the free time you have, because your wedding really will not be as much work – go on a staycation! Robby and I went to Halfmoon Bay to take our pre wedding pictures, because we had the time, we were able to choose something unique! A week before our wedding we were sitting on a beach 2 feet away from our cabin drinking wine! It doesn’t get better than that. 

Raveen + Sahil

What Did You Love Most About Your Micro Wedding?

With fewer guests you have more options for spaces to host your celebration. We had the most memorable experience getting married in my parents’ backyard, which would not have been possible with a larger gathering. I was able to have genuine and meaningful interactions with each guest. I was still able to enjoy the fun traditions of an Indian wedding and live the experience I had always imagined, but in a more intimate and meaningful way. Those who could not physically be there joined us virtually via live streaming. It wasn’t the wedding I dreamed of but it was better than anything we had imagined.  

What Advice Do You Have for Brides Planning a Micro Wedding in 2021?

Make your experience meaningful for you. Figure out what’s most important to you as a couple, and focus on that. Include elements that mean something to you and tell your love story. Don’t let external circumstances that are beyond your control drag down your relationship. Remember why you are getting married in the first place. The rest will fall into place.

What Did You Love Most About Your Micro Wedding?

Even before the pandemic, we wanted our guest count to fall between 80-120 people. It would ensure that only those people who were the closest and dearest to us and our family would be there, and that we would be able to spend a significant amount of time with each of them, which we did. The wedding felt more intimate, special. It allowed for things to be more relaxed, comfortable, and allowed for greater flexibility when it came to spending. For example, we were able to make time for and spend on experiences for ourselves and our guests, and prioritize quality of décor, food, etc. over quantity, which also, in turn, made the wedding more enjoyable and memorable for everyone. 

What Advice Do You Have for Brides Planning a Micro Wedding in 2021

Planning is still critical, maybe even more now than before. Some of the items you will need will probably be manufactured in India (e.g. the Bride and Grooms outfits). With India in particular, lockdowns could happen at any time, which would mean longer production and delivery times. Also, despite the pandemic, it seems as though many people are still going ahead with their weddings, so ensuring you get the photographer, makeup artist, and other vendors you want still requires reasonable notice. 

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