Bohemian Chic Indian Wedding

We are rejoiced at the love and feedback we are receiving in response of our Bohemian Chic Indian Wedding shoot! Our goal was to work with vendors that inspire us, with the intention of introducing new ideas/trends for 2020 that will ultimately excite and inspire couples getting married later this year

We chose to blend the bohemian (boho) style, which is light, flowy, and free-spirited with the traditional Indian wedding ceremony to create a look that is chic with elements of nature and a certain romanticism and individuality. With so many Indian weddings that take place in Vancouver each year, couples are looking for ways to create a unique experience that sets their wedding apart, reflecting them as people, and the boho style is all about artistic self-expression. There is not one specific way to have a boho inspired wedding; therefore, this style invites space for personalization and creativity. From pampass grass, wooden tables, crystal glassware, peacock chairs, rugs to a long boho dress with dramatic bell sleeves, this shoot showcases all of our favourite boho elements. Dried palms, pampas plumes and unusual grasses were used to create lush bohemian backdrops and wild bouquets. 

We have yet to experience an elaborate Indian boho wedding and reception in Vancouver, so we’re excited to have created this look to inspire couples to incorporate boho elements into their wedding. We believe it will be a big trend this year for Indian weddings, especially in Vancouver, BC. 

This styled shoot is also an example of what an intimate Indian wedding can look like. As wedding season approaches, we are urging the community to rethink the big fat Indian wedding and the health risks of hosting mass gatherings. Weddings planned for the near future are most significantly impacted; however, weddings later in the year may experience unexpected limitations on guest count. If there was ever a time to plan and have an intimate Indian wedding, it’s now! To learn more information, please read our blog post on intimate Indian weddings. 

Among the benefits highlighted in our blog post, a smaller guest list allows flexibility to explore less conventional venues that create a unique wedding day experience, such as the Pipe Shop where we photographed this shoot. Endless options range from a private garden, rustic barn, cabin, yacht, terrace overlooking a beautiful view to even the couple’s favourite local restaurant, museum and art gallery. Couples can choose a venue that is meaningful and holds value to them, rather than a typical banquet hall. We have curated a list of our favourite BC wedding venues to help our couples see the silver lining in planning for a smaller Indian wedding. 


Photography: Amrit Photography
Instagram: @amritphotography

Hair & Makeup: Aquarius Art
Instagram: @aquarius_art81

Decor: Finesse Decor 
Instagram: @finessedecorcompany

Floral Design: Da Fiori Floral Design 
Instagram: @dafioridesign

Ribbons: Cfleursdesign
Instagram: @cfleursdesign

Indian Ceremony Outfits: Shyamal & Bhumika from House of Raina 
Instagram: @shyamalbhumika @houseofraina

Turban & Sword: Maharaja Turban 
Instagram: @maharajaturban

Jewelry: Adore by Kanika 
Instagram: @adorebykanika

Reception Gown: Elika In Love 

Reception Suit: Garrison Bespoke 
Instagram: @garrisonbespoke @garrisonvancouver

Bride: Eden 
Instagram: @edenvonweiss @wild.mgmt

Groom: Thomas Darya 
Instagram: @thomas_darya

Venue: The Pipe Shop
Instagram: @pipeshop_venue

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