Our kind of couple is the type that is not afraid to get the hair messy and feet covered in sand or boots dirty in mud; therefore, Amrit and Kam are our ideal kind of couple, and we absolutely love them for being adventurous and fearlessly in love!

A pre-wedding photo shoot with us can become quite an adventure. The shoot typically involves hiking and getting a little dirty, and this waterfall shoot was no different. After navigating difficult roads and hiking a steep slippery trail with ropes, we were rewarded by an escape into nature’s beauty. We remember hearing the roaring of the falls, as we hiked the last corner and then our jaws dropped, as we took in the 92-feet-tall waterfall enclosed in a deep, mossy canyon. We will never forget this experience that we had in Oregon and neither will our couple, who now has breathtaking photos to remember it by. We almost forgot to mention that they did the entire hike in their pre-wedding photo shoot clothes; Amrit wore her dress and Kam hiked in his suit!

We’re counting down to their Indian wedding ceremony and reception in May!