Jasmine + Manny

When Manny and I began booking vendors for our wedding, we had a few vendors that we felt we could not compromise during the wedding planning process. Amrit Photography was one of those vendors we both felt would capture our wedding moments as beautifully as we had pictured them in our minds. As a bride I was extremely nervous about having my photo taken, since I am someone who doesn’t feel the most comfortable in these situations. Having Amrit and Sundeep direct me in each shoot, really helped ease my nerves and allowed me to push out of my comfort zone. The final product truly showed the rewards of trusting Amrit Photography in capturing our wedding events. I received so many phone calls and texts from our close friends and family members after our photos were posted, expressing how ecstatic they were with the images captured by Amrit Photography!

I can genuinely say that Manny and I both loved the natural working friendship that we developed with Amrit and Sundeep. The team at Amrit Photography went above and beyond in ensuring that Manny and I didn’t take for granted the opportunity for a pre-wedding shoot, and even accommodated all our last minute changes to ensure we did experience all that they promised as a Vendor. Our pre-wedding shoot was so light-hearted and adventurous that it made me feel so at ease and stress-free. It was the perfect situation for Manny and I to kick-off our wedding week with something so fun. I sincerely feel that our personalities worked so well together with Amrit and Sundeep, and it made each moment together so much more enjoyable filled with laughter. When I say Amrit Photography went above and beyond, they truly did…Amrit even gave Manny his own belt he was wearing because Manny forgot his haha

I think the Indian-wedding industry is saturated with vendors who do not put their couple’s best interest first, and Amrit Photography is NOT one of those vendors. They were one of our favorite vendors to work with, and honestly made our wedding week even more enjoyable. If you want to work with some of the best wedding photographers in my opinion, then the choice is to choose Amrit and Sundeep. Amrit has an artistic talent that is captured in each frame, and Sundeep is insanely skilled and the most kind-hearted person to have alongside, together they have an eye for capturing details that usually go unnoticed. We have recommended Amrit photography to everyone asking, and Manny and I will continue to do so in the years to come.

Reeti + Shaan

When Shaan and I started planning our wedding we both agreed that finding the right photographer was going to be our top priority but we also had a strict budget that we wanted to stick to. There are so many different photography companies and vendors out there so the search felt quite overwhelming and uncertain at times. We were anxious about having to “pose” or “act” to get the kind of photos we were seeing on social media of other couples on their wedding day, which felt very unnatural and stressful to us. It’s so not who we are as people or as a couple, so finding a team of photographers who we felt comfortable working with was very important to us. We chose Amrit photography for who they are as people and as photographers, not just the quality of their work, which honestly speaks for itself. 

To say that choosing Amrit and Sundeep to shoot our wedding start to finish was the best decision we ever made would be an understatement. When we first contacted them, my biggest concern was the quoted price because it was above our set budget; however, after meeting with them in person and seeing their photos there was no doubt that they were worth every penny. I cut our decor budget in half to secure Amrit and Sundeep, because it was a no brainer for us that we wanted them and only them to shoot our wedding. They definitely delivered beyond our expectations. 

I remember our first meeting with them after we booked their services. We were going over the tentative itinerary of the wedding day, Sundeep and Amrit noticed the morning timing of our photo shoot wasn’t ideal due to light and sun position and suggested shooting during the evening “golden hour” which was a game changer in how our wedding day photos turned out. They also gave us some other recommendations and advice for the flow of events and photo shoots which was very helpful. This showed us that they truly cared about making our wedding the best it could possibly be and it was more than just showing up and taking photos for them.

Even though our photos turned out beyond amazing, what we truly enjoyed and will remember the most is how much fun we had doing the photo shoots with Amrit and Sundeep. They were friendly and super funny which made the shoots feel easy and not so serious all the time. If we were uncomfortable doing something, they were really good about changing things around to make sure we were comfortable. We had a pre-wedding meeting with them and gave them our opinions on what we liked and didn’t like for style of photos and they listened to everything we wanted while incorporating their own style and expertise into it. During the wedding events they took time to scope out locations for our shoots, so we didn’t have to worry about doing all that and could focus on enjoying our wedding. Even though some of the shoots were choreographed they gave us space to be who were are as a couple which is why our photos truly capture us in our most natural elements. 

Amrit and Sundeep took the time to get to know our family members, so they could ensure all the important people were captured throughout our wedding events. They went as far as remembering to capture pictures of our family dog in every event and he definitely has the best photos from the wedding! They interacted with our guests in a very polite and professional manner even when some guests were being difficult about how photos were taken. 

From the day we booked Amrit Photography to the day they delivered our photos, Amrit and Sundeep have been there for us every step of the way. Planning a wedding is very overwhelming and stressful, and the last thing you need is to have vendors you can’t trust or who don’t respond when you need them to. That is not the case with Amrit photography. We weren’t just another wedding contract to them. They took time to get to know us as a couple. They were very easy to get in touch with and communicate with. They were very accommodating to any changes we needed to make along the way and were super organized. During the wedding events they were punctual and professional, they knew when to interfere and when to step back and capture the moments as they happened. When I look at some of the shots they captured I don’t even remember them being there but they always were and they never missed a moment. Anyone can take good photos and edit them, but what Amrit and Sundeep created was a magical experience we will never forget. They took something we were most anxious about, doing photo shoots, and turned it into a fun, easygoing, memorable experience. Watching Sundeep and Amrit work together is like witnessing magic happen in real life. They aren’t just photographers, they are true artists and visionaries; a dynamic duo we don’t regret teaming up with for the most special day of our lives.

Shubneet + Seth

We had seen a lot of work by Amrit Photography on social media platforms, so we knew even before we booked that we could trust them to capture our most intimate and precious memories. We also had the good fortune of having them take our pre-wedding photos which were mind blowing. We received so many messages from our friends and family expressing how in awe they were of the images captured.

Photography is where we feel our money was best spent, as we now have these beautifully captured memories in the best light possible. We couldn’t be more thankful. The experience itself was effortless and did not feel like it took away from our special day.

Our favourite part was seeing the passion that both Amrit and Sundeep had about their art and how perfect they wanted each shot to be. From moments where they provided scenarios to capture the emotion they wanted portrayed, to Sundeep hiding behind my outfits to make it look as perfect as possible, to shooting in public places but yet making you feel like you’re the only two people there. They were great communicators and very professional and timely, which was greatly appreciated seeing as we didn’t live in Surrey. They were able to improvise throughout all events due to weather, closures and any other issue that came up.

They were the vendors that we enjoyed working with the most. The experience felt very natural, and they made sure we were comfortable and that our voices were heard. It didn’t feel like another day’s work for them, as they made us feel valued and important. They made sure our vision became a reality. Without a doubt, we highly recommend them!

Gurbir + Pawan

Before booking, we were both nervous about posing in front of a photographer. However, Amrit and Sundeep made us feel so comfortable and it turned out to be a very fun experience. We are so grateful that we hired Amrit Photography. All our pictures looked amazing. They made our dreams a reality!

We were very impressed to see the different angles and perspectives they captured without leaving any details. Both Sundeep and Amrit are very talented. Sundeep has a great eye on the clothes, background and the poses. Whereas, Amrit takes amazing pictures at different unique angles. We loved that they provided us with such unique options when we had no idea on what we wanted to do. They were very patient and kind to us. Both our families thought that the whole team was very friendly, professional, punctual, and very accommodating.

It was overall a wonderful experience and we would highly recommend Amrit Photography! Amrit and Sundeep were spectacular throughout the whole week. They spent time before the wedding week ensuring they fully understood our vision for the day. The whole wedding week went smoothly because they were so organized. They both are truly the best in the business. 

Gaveena + Partap

Prior to booking any vendors for our wedding, we knew booking our photographer would be the most important decision for us in capturing our memories. We had been following Amrit Photography on social media for a number of years, and knew they would provide us with amazing photographs to last a lifetime. There were no doubts in our minds who we wanted to capture our most intimate moments, as their exceptional work speaks for itself. Everyone who has seen our photos has been awestruck with the images that were captured.

While neither of us had ever posed for photos, Amrit and Sundeep’s calm presence and joking nature helped us relax and feel natural in front of the camera, which brought out the best of us. They took our vision for our photos and put their creativity into it. From our casual shoot to all of our wedding events, the photographs taken by Amrit and Sundeep went beyond our expectations. Amrit and Sundeep’s art of photography truly transformed us into naturals in front of the camera.

Our favourite part of working with Amrit Photography was getting to know Amrit and Sundeep.  By getting more comfortable with them and putting us at ease, it brought out the best of us in our photos.  As we got to know them, it felt less like taking pictures and more like hanging out with family. Both of our families commented how professional and friendly Amrit and Sundeep were.

We would definitely recommend Amrit Photography to our friends and family.  They are always quick to respond to emails and their work ethic and product speaks for itself. If you have an inspiration for your photographs, they will tailor it to you as the couple. The entire experience from hiring them to getting our photographs was seamless and hassle free. If you highly value having your special milestone moments captured creatively and appreciated for a lifetime, opting for Amrit Photography will be a choice no one will regret.